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Purpose:  To ensure adequate resources to fulfill the Senior Connection mission and adequately support operations and programming in our nine core divisions – Nutrition, Client/Family Care, Health & Wellness, Transportation, Home & Safety, Leisure & Education, Intergenerational, Senior/Volunteer Job Corps, Information & Resources.


  • Co-Chair – Marty Lyon
  • Co-Chair – Shelley Seibel
  • Dede Huish
  • Connie Post
  • Michelle Sandoz
  • Mardi Shepard
  • Robert Shuford
  • Maureen Turzian
  • Staff – Jovita Piña and Mary Simms

Purpose:  Plan and implement the annual fundraising event to support the programs and services of the Senior Connection.  The annual event is Cocktails for a Cause.  Committee members identify attendees to invite, provide oversight to the creation of marketing materials and annual video, cultivate attendees and plan for the evening up including activities such as: venue, set-up needs, food and beverage, volunteer recruitment, evening’s program including a Paddle Raise for Support.


  • Co-Chair:  Mary Colhoun
  • Co-Chair:  Mardi Shepard
  • Co-Chair:  Margot Shuford
  • Lesley Andrus
  • Erin Buell
  • Candace Emsiek
  • Ellen Fastow
  • Marie Gallo
  • Liz Hickey
  • Dede Huish
  • Jan Phillipsborn
  • Deb Rosen
  • Chris Vik
  • Penny Weiss
  • Gina Wolcott


Honorary Committee:

  • Kathy Jones
  • Robin Leavitt & Terry Friedlander
  • Don & Kaye Lofgren
  • Suzie Pearson
  • Leslie & Tim Silva
  • Trish & Dave Wilson
  • Buddy Wilton & Shay Doll



Purpose: Develop and recommend policies and planning objectives to the Board of Directors with respect to the appropriate maintenance, repair, and expansion of the Senior Connection facility and property; striving for function at the highest level of cost-effectiveness as is reasonably possible.


  • Chair –  Don Cunningham
  • Rick Allington
  • Susan Passovoy
  • Ron Reese
  • Pete Schwartz
  • Ben Varner

Purpose: Monthly review of Senior Connection Dashboard Report of Key Indicators for Success and monthly financials to ensure the operational performance is on track to meet the strategic objectives and goals of the Board of Directors.


  • Mike Beck – Chair
  • Bob Kaplan
  • Shelley Seibel

Purpose: Annual Event to promote health and wellness for ages 50 and up with a spirit of friendly competition


  • David Lipman – Golf Coordinator
  • Phil Doerflein – Golf Coordinator
  • Casey Scherer – Dollar Hill Climb Coordinator
  • Robert Shuford -Pickleball Coordinator


  • Kathleen Bean
  • Carola Hendricks
  • Mardi Shepard
  • Maryanne Whitcomb 

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