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Our History

In 1971, the Senior Connection started services for seniors with a weekly lunch at the Miner’s Club in Hailey, Idaho. By 1982, Tommy Farr learned that there were grant monies available for these services for nonprofits. Farr and his friends applied for the 501(c)3  status for a nonprofit, and it was granted in 1983. They also received $250,000 to construct the current Center at 721 3rd Avenue South in Hailey, Idaho. Later in 2012, a capital campaign was started to add the south dining room, fitness center, and movie theater. What started as a weekly luncheon has now grown into daily lunches, MondayFriday, and 9 additional senior programs and services.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.


Senior Connection: A Part of, Not Apart From. CELEBRATING 50 YEARS!

If you would like to volunteer for one of our committees, please give us a call!  208-788-3468

Purpose:  To ensure adequate resources to fulfill the Senior Connection mission and adequately support operations and programming in our nine core divisions – Nutrition, Client/Family Care, Health & Wellness, Transportation, Home & Safety, Leisure & Education, Intergenerational, Senior/Volunteer Job Corps, Information & Resource.


  • Chair – Marty Lyon
  • Marie Gallo
  • Dede Huish
  • Don Keirn
  • Suzie Pearson
  • Connie Post
  • Shelley Seibel
  • Mardi Shepard
  • Chris Simms
  • Maureen Turzian
  • Staff – Teresa Beahen Lipman

Purpose:  Plan and implement the annual fundraising event to support the programs and services of the Senior Connection.  The annual event is Cocktails for a Cause.  Committee members identify attendees to invite, provide oversight to the creation of marketing materials and annual video, cultivate attendees and plan for the evening up including activities such as: venue, set-up needs, food and beverage, volunteer recruitment, evening’s program including a Paddle Raise for Support.


  • Co-Chair:  Suzie Pearson
  • Co-Chair:  Mardi Shepard
  • Erin Buell
  • Marie Gallo
  • Jan Philipsborn
  • Deb Rosen
  • Margot Shuford
  • Leslie Silva
  • Carol Swig
  • Penny Weiss
  • Trish Wilson

Purpose:  Develop and recommend policies and planning objectives to the Board of Directors with respect to the appropriate maintenance, repair, and expansion of the Senior Connection facility and property; striving for function at the highest level of cost-effectiveness as is reasonably possible.


  • Chair –  Don Cunningham
  • Amy Federko
  • Ron Reese
  • Ben Varner
  • Tom Wynn
  • Staff – Teresa Beahen Lipman, Eliseo Gonzalez
Purpose:  Plan and implement the annual fundraising event to support the programs and services of the Senior Connection.


  • Penny Weiss & Jo Harmond – Chairs

Senior Connection Games:  Annual Event to promote health and wellness for ages 50 and up with a spirit of friendly competition


  • Mike Beck
  • Don Keirn
  • Dede Morris
  • Trish Wilson
  • Sue Woodyard